Teach me, teacher.

Teach me how to stroll
along the street like a stranger
who’s only compass is
landscape and stars.
Teach me the whats,
the hows
and the whys.
Teach me,
for a fool taught
is a fool wise.
Teach me the letters,
the numbers
and the signs.
Teach me all your magic
and I’ll memorise the lines.
Teach me the ways of the old
so it may benefit the new.
Teach me
for I hear
you only teach a few.
Teach me to be like the air,
always there
yet to think of it, rare.
Teach me to sit on the ground
when all are offered chairs.
Teach me how to walk when I’m running
and how to run when I walk;
how to talk when I’m silent
and hush when I talk.
Teach me my insignificance
when I see me
wherever I look.
Teach me how to make
paper planes
out of dust-collecting books.
Teach me till I nod off,
log off
and switch off.
Teach me how to navigate
inside your thoughts.
Teacher, teach me;
for I do not like to be taught.
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