High five

When the night is on its last legs
and the nocturnal prepare to sleep,
she holds a black string and a white string infront of herself
and she can tell the difference.
She places her forehead on the ground.

When the sun is atop her scalp
just after zenith graces the skies,
she drops her tools
and her forehead onto the ground.

When the heat comes down by notches
and the Vitamin D sun warms her face,
and her shadow is twice her length,
she connects her forehead to the ground.

When the sun has sunk into the horizon
and the birds head to sleep,
and the sky is tinged with orange and pink,
she welcomes the night
with her forehead on the ground.

When the skies are pitch-dark
like the smooth skin of a Dinka bride,
she holds two strings:
a white one and a black one,
and she cannot tell the difference-
so she submits, and
fuses her forehead with the ground.