Universal Love

I have a suggestion for adult men:

Clause 1:

Many of us have a wife. Now… it is very natural to tell your wife that you love her. But love isn’t just for your wife, is it? The love that you convey to your wife is romantic love. However, there are other types of love which are not romantic.
Clause 2:

For example, love for your brother, love for your sister, love for your mother, love for your father, love for your grandparents, love for your immediate cousins, love for your aunties, love for your uncles, etc, etc…
Clause 3:

There is also love for your friends, love for your work colleagues, love for your spiritual guides, love for your mentors, love for your fans, love for your critics, etc, etc…
Clause 4:

Now. I want you to put aside the love for your wife; and I want you to think about the love you have for the other people I have mentioned above.

Here’s the suggestion: I suggest that you say “I love you” to the people I have mentioned in Clause 2 and Clause 3, and wait to see what type of response you will get. Okay… go ahead and try to do as I have suggested. Go!

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