Who am I ?

I am not the devil


yet I am all that is evil.


I live, I lived.


I am the omnipotent omen.




I am the Gaza massacre,


I am the holocaust.


I am the oh-so-fast


and furious missile;


The murderous inanimate weapon of man.


I am evil yet I am not shaitan.




I am that vile intuition,


I am that bad decision.


I am your philosophy,


I am of your making.




I am the rich,


I am the poor…


The one to blame when unsure.


I am a thought inside your head,


I am that horrible beast you fed…




And don’t search for me


for I am but a phantom.


I do not exist…


yet I will divide your kind


and bury your lot alive.


And at your mass burial


I will be the undertaker,


the soil


and the shovel.




O gullible soul:


I am eeeevil.


I live, I lived


but I am not the devil.




Can you feel your soul drifting amongst the crowds




Can you sense the aura?


The smilers,


the frowners,


the downright emotionless?


Can you feel the vibes piercing through your soul?


Eating you,


feeding you,


sparing you?


Can you feel the heaviness?


Can you feel the weakness


… of the human soul?












Drop them all – the influences –


good and bad.


Let go…














Release yourself,


fly away,


feel the breeze


and move with it.






Breath in,








and for once…






experience your virgin soul.







the sweetness of what once was.Image