Can you feel your soul drifting amongst the crowds




Can you sense the aura?


The smilers,


the frowners,


the downright emotionless?


Can you feel the vibes piercing through your soul?


Eating you,


feeding you,


sparing you?


Can you feel the heaviness?


Can you feel the weakness


… of the human soul?












Drop them all – the influences –


good and bad.


Let go…














Release yourself,


fly away,


feel the breeze


and move with it.






Breath in,








and for once…






experience your virgin soul.







the sweetness of what once was.Image

Spring is here

Rays of warm sunshine beaming gently on my face –

teasing the earth,

beckoning blooms.

The grass slowly springing to life;

the horizon clear,

the fields fiercely flowering –

as if avenging the season past.


Drifts of butterflies landing gently on the flowers –

pistil kissing,

beckoning fruits.

The trees slowly springing to life;

the air is sweet,

tinged trees towering –

Wishing this would forever last.


Come forth O’ spring;

Come forth and sing,

Come forth and bring.

Come do your thing

and brighten everything.Image


May your marriage give you what you need,

May it be the water to your seed.


May it build upon your foundation,

May it be your favorite decoration.

May it bring with it children,

May your faults – by it – be ridden.

May it amplify your smile,

May it be worthwhile.


May your marriage give you what you need,

May it be the water to your seed.



Beauty is absolutely amazing

Its Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King.
Its a dog having claws and a horse having not.
Its a sunny day in a devon winter.
Its enjoying the atmosphere and chanting through your heart
“What beauty this is” –
in rhythmic waves…
ripple after ripple.

Beauty is love circling around our souls –
Immersing itself into us,
through us –
and coming out bright;
radiating across the skies into others.

Beauty is Mekatilili, beauty is Hellen Keller.
Beauty is Majid Tehranian
and Daisaku Ikeda
in an exchange.

Beauty is
X and King hand in hand,
Everything pulsating
one rhythm of

absolute succulence.

Beauty is
you reading this,

seeing it,

and reflecting something else.