Salaams and Shaloms

Israelis greet each other with the phrase “shalom aleichem” and Palestinians greet each other with the phrase “assalaamu aleikum”. Both these phrases translate as “peace be upon you”, yet peace is not the reality when it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian saga.



Israelis and Palestinians have to learn to tolerate each other or else their children will grow up with nothing but military mindsets. If a one state solution isn’t possible, a two state solution is the only remedy the two sides are left with.



If Palestinians and Israelis can’t live together in one state, and on a footing of equality; then Palestine should be granted nationhood and sovereignty by the international community similar to the nationhood and sovereignty that Israel enjoys.



We can’t change history. What has happened has already happened and cannot be reversed. However, what we can do is change the course that these two warring peoples are on and create a situation where for once in our generation, Palestinians and Israelis can look at each other, shake hands, hug and soothe each other with that beautiful phrase: “Peace be upon you.”Image