It does not matter whether your education is from an educational institution or from epistemic exchanges with kin and folk.

Your prominence speaks for itself.

Where there is a magnet, metals will attract.



You are a product of the people who nurtured you. Always have this in mind. The way you think is passed down generationally from kin to kin.

This happens subconsciously more than consciously. So it makes a difference what sort of order a child was born in.

We’re primarily influenced by our parents/guardians. A teacher’s a guradian too. Teachers teach more than just the syllabi.

When you’re taught how to think, the person teaching you has power over you. If you receive flawed teachings you need to unlearn the poison.

What do I mean by “poison”?

“Poison” is a an approach to life that promotes bigotry and hatred towards the ‘other’.

When you pass by a person on the street and you mentally sneer at them for no apparent reason other than their ‘otherness’ that is poison.

When we live with bitterness for different social groups just because they are different, we will walk through life swallowing bitter gulps.

Our bitterness should be directed towards those who hoard wealth when millions are in poverty & those who finance & profit from global warfare.

That sort of bitterness isnt poison, its a potion for the injustices that’ve been brought to life by those who yearn for nothing but wealth.

Many of us are driven and inspired by the want of wealth. Lavish living is promoted as a means to psychological contentment.

But the problem with this is wealth does not guarantee you psychological contentment. There are many wealthy people who can’t sleep in peace.

Some are so sad, they commit suicide. Biggie said, “Mo money, mo problems”. Wealth’s the carrot hung in front of you as you gallop off the cliff.

Its sad that some spend their life chasing a phantom. Many of us are troubled and use wealth to drown our sorrows. Wealth is a false remedy.

Wealth should not be the goal; wealth should be a tool.




Let the silence speak.


Let silence narrate.


Let silence form.

Oh soul:

Let silence be the stimuli.

Let your heart listen to the silence

that speaks of that which is


to us.

Perhaps… maybe in our effort to listen to

the silence,

we will hear something.

Let silence tell you

the secrets of


Let silence whisper

to you.

Let silence sink into your ear drum

and feed

your heart.

The best words are those not spoken;

those words that cannot be imagined.

Those words of silence.

Listen to the silence.

Listen to the silence till deafness conquers


Maybe, just maybe…

Maybe then –

you – in your attained deafness


for the first time

hear the sounds of silence.

Let the silence speak.

Let silence narrate.

Let silence form.

Maybe – just maybe –

silence will speak to you.

Maybe – just maybe –


silence will hear you,

Maybe – just maybe –


silence will listen

to you.