Teach me, teacher.

Teach me how to stroll
along the street like a stranger
who’s only compass is
landscape and stars.
Teach me the whats,
the hows
and the whys.
Teach me,
for a fool taught
is a fool wise.
Teach me the letters,
the numbers
and the signs.
Teach me all your magic
and I’ll memorise the lines.
Teach me the ways of the old
so it may benefit the new.
Teach me
for I hear
you only teach a few.
Teach me to be like the air,
always there
yet to think of it, rare.
Teach me to sit on the ground
when all are offered chairs.
Teach me how to walk when I’m running
and how to run when I walk;
how to talk when I’m silent
and hush when I talk.
Teach me my insignificance
when I see me
wherever I look.
Teach me how to make
paper planes
out of dust-collecting books.
Teach me till I nod off,
log off
and switch off.
Teach me how to navigate
inside your thoughts.
Teacher, teach me;
for I do not like to be taught.


Success is neither found in wealth nor poverty; praise nor castigation. We stagger through life searching for success outwardly, yet the only way to embrace success is by first seeking it and finding it inwardly. How can you recognise and appreciate the universe outside of you if you have not recognised and appreciated the universe inside of you? Even if you were in the driest of deserts or the most piranha-infested river; success will neither be an oasis nor a safe river bank. Success is pain where there is only pleasure and pleasure where there is only pain. Success is being in rhythm with your being; for only by being in touch with your inner self can you feel the splendidness of that which is around you. Reach into yourself. You are not merely a collection of flesh and bones; you are the personification of the universe, and until you realise that… you will be blind to the identicalness of your inner world and the outer world. Seek and find your inner universe and you will discover the magnificence and beauty of the outer universe. And finding the inner and outer universe is not a goal. No. It never was. It is a journey with a phantom destination.
inside outside


Purity lies inside you.
Let it flow
into every crevice
of your body.
Drink from the pure
so that pure dwells in you,
comes from you
and comes to you.
Release all that don’t
and bathe in your purity.
Like a gourd of water
filled at the top
of a mountain
with fresh, pure
mountain dew.
Purity makes you pure.
Purity is for the pure.
Pureness for
the pure-hearted.
Pure like the ocean –
always pure.
Even if they were to pour
all the world’s impurity
into it,
it shall always be pure.
Pure like love
from the source.
Pure like a new-born baby.
Pure like a faithful bhikkhuni.
Pure like fresh air.
So pure
you wanna bathe in it
and soak it all up.
Pure is the prototype.
safi sana.
pure cassava

From the Magnus Labs

This no normal metal, no.
This gold with a plus.
This silver on mo’ glam.
This here high carat
yet bang like steel.
This from the underground
on the crown.
This only for replicators.
This in memory of
the departed.
This blessed by
the source.
This good for you.
This’ll make you jealous
if you don’t have it.
This you have too,
show you where it is.
This loved, hated all the same.
This too dope not to mention.
This on your mind and lips all the time.
This make your heart beat, innit?
So good make you sad, innit?
This platinum.
This in your classroom.
Shine so much it blinds you, no?
This not around for long
get snatched no time, ‘kay?
This hold tight, ‘kay?
No let go, ‘kay?
This no cheap, nay.
This you pay with your life I say.
This kill tumour.
This noble.
Nah plastic.
This what it is.


Allah Is Sublime. He Is The Creator of all creation. He Is Alone in His Grandness and Does Not need His creation yet His creation needs Him. He Has No beginning and No end. He was Not born Nor did He beget. He Always Was, Always Is, and Always Will Be. He has no gender; He is Neither male Nor female Nor anything in between. He has no race; He is Neither black Nor white Nor anything in between. Allah Is He Who Knows all that is within and outside the universe. He Listens when we engage with Him and He Listens when we don’t. Allah Is The Most Just; there is no justice better than His Justice. Allah Is The Most Merciful; there is no mercy more comforting than His Mercy. Allah Is Great beyond our understanding of greatness. No creation can contemplate His Existence or Being in Its Entirety. Allah Is The One Who Bestows success on all of His creation; He Is The Supplier of success and He Is The Only One Who Knows the levels of righteousness of all His creation.


Gimme some tobacco. 
I wanna smoke.
They say it ain’t good for me 
but my neurons love it to death.
They say it’s bad for my health. 
That it depletes my wealth. 
I smoke tobacco; 
the same tobacco that comes from beautiful leaves. 
Dry me some leaves 
and let me taste the makroohness of Mother Nature.
I’ll smoke. 
I’ll smoke till I quit. 
Bless em.
Bless the organs that let me do this.
Bless em.
God bless my lungs.