Cycle of Life

Fresh air.

Crisp air.



Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Carbon Dioxide.


Breathe in.

Breathe out.


Crisp air.

Fresh air.


in tune with Plants.



cycle of life


Blessings, blessings, blessings…

We all want blessings,

We all need blessings.

Bless my kinsmen,

Bless my friends,

Bless my prodigy,

Bless my fiends.

Blessings, blessings, blessings…

Blessings from the Most High;

Just like ‘Necessary Noize’ said:

Bless my room.





Friday 8th August 2014

They call it “insomnia”;

the lack of ability to sleep.

It is 20 minutes to 2am.

I slept around midnight.

Was then woken up by a big bang (inside my head).

As I walked along the corridor, silently, I could hear the (little) noise made by my sandals vibrate with a volume 20 times its magnitude.

So I decided, “you know what? I’m gonna bloody write about this. That’ll learn it”.

Yet it is the dead of night.

London does not get quite quieter than this.

The noise of vehicles and people has quit.

I open one of the curtains that Abdi closed in his paranoia, and look at the ‘cat eyes’ of the street lights that I joke to others about.

I dont think I have enjoyed an insomnia quite as much as I am enjoying this one.

There’s something about the quietness of a night that I like so much.

Some say it’s the best time to make a prayer to God; some say it is an “ungodly hour”.

Whatever the case, 1:45 am is an amazing time to be awake.

I tried to calculate how long it took me to write this, but I thought, “hey, why dont we leave that to some nosey reader”.

Dear Reader,

I hope. I really hope. I really hope you enjoy your next insomnia.








Kwehu ni Kenya

red, black, green, black and white

the shield of a maasai moran

take me to mariakani so i may walk on the sand and mombasa so that i may swim in the indian ocean.

take me to nairobi so i may have some roast nyama choma.

take me to kisumu for omena.

take me to garissa for camel meat.

take me to turkana so i may swim in the lake.

take me to kisii for bananas.

take me to eldoret where the runners are found.

take me to meru, the veve land.

take me to nyeri for vegetables

take me to taita for guavas

take me to kakamega for the roast chicken

and to machakos for konza

i love KENYA.


An Ode

This one’s for all those who see more than they should, and all those who hear more than their hearts can bear.

For the heart pulpitations, for those cloaked in fear.

For those who cannot remember, for those who always forget.

For those roughed up, locked up, drugged up.

For the ostricised, for the guilty.

For the personifications of irony.

For the young, for the old.

for the ones who always run, run away.

For the fathers, mothers, uncles and aunts.

For the food lovers, worrisomes, gifted, the psycho-analysed, those in the firing line.

This ones for all those who’ve seen more than they whould’ve, and all those who’ve heard more than their hearts could ever bear, but they still with us.

Still macking


Ever trying.

An ode to you.






Morning is here at last.

Beams of sunshine on my face

melting the shea butter.

Leaves so bright and green; healthy.


I want to open the door into the outside world.

I want to walk in the warmness,

squinch my eyes at the marvelous brightness.


And when zenith greets us, I shall have 

a pint of ice-cold fizzy lemonade.

Let’s walk into the horizon and never look back.

Let’s trek and see all that we have not.

Let’s meet new people, see new faces.


Beams of sunshine on my face

melting the shea butter.

A heart clean, warm and healthy.



The uppercut

You ever had one of those days when you just feel tired?

Your back aches, your head don’t feel so good.

You’re drowsy, and your body’s forcing you to go to bed.

You ignore the bright sunshine and chose the bed instead.

I think they call it


It’s the bottom of the dip after the peak.

But like any other natural graph, your mood shall rise again and take you to a peak, once again;

ascending, climaxing, descending, anticlimaxing – repeat that over and over.

You know what they say: “Joy wouldn’t be sweet if it wasn’t for pain”.

That’s why we embrace the dip, because it makes us up – as much as the rise does.

Both are elements of our personalities – as much as we detest one and cherish the other.

So when it comes to responding to depression, this is what I say:

“C’mon drear, give me your best shot;

cause right after that, I’ll give you mine!”