The beat of love

This heart that has been

beating since I lay in

my mother’s womb.

This heart that is so hard

to break…

This heart that keeps on beating;

thud after thud,

gush after gush.

This heart that feeds

my flesh, bones and mind.

This heart:

the reason why I

write this.

This heart:

a mortal heart.

I place my palm on

my chest

to feel

its power.

It beats –


The beat

always with me

when I go to sleep,

always with me

in my dreams,

always with me

when the sun’s morning rays shine on my eyelids

reminding me that

I am alive.

Life awaits our beat…

every morning.

Thud away dear heart;

take me through my journey.

This heart that shall

one day

cease to beat.

This heart that I was gifted with.

This heart that thuds with might.

This heart that shall

one day


I place my palm on my chest

and listen to the drum beat;

The beat of mortality,

The beat of love.

Thud away dear heart,

thud away.



I am empty;

lacking in inspiration.

I have emitted all of it

out of me.

I am empty like an


egg shell


on the beach.

I do not have that spirit

in me

that radiates across the skies;

I am empty.

I am empty.

Come quench me.

Come quench me with love

so that I may give it all away

a second later.

I need that which I am

ignorant of.

That which gives me wings;

that which sets me free.

I dont want to dictate;

I just want to resonate

with love.

Super duper love.

I need love.

The love of the gutter people;

that love that stinks of desolation;

that love that reeks of rejection;

that love that comes from those

who have been trodden on;

that love that quenches my shell everytime.

I dont want your throne,

I dont want your feast,

I dont want your shine.

I want that which they dont.

That which they run away from;

that which is not normal;

that which is supernatural;


In my emptiness,

in my tearless, empty cry

you hear my broken voice…

Oh here you come.

Here you come to quench this shell.

Quench me…

so that I may radiate,

so that I may share you with everyone

and everything.

Let me be empty again

let me go back to

that empty state;

because I love it most

not when you are here with me,

but when you’re not.

It’s the longing;

the longing for you

that makes me whole.

Come so that I may share you out





Come so that I

may long for you.

Come to me.

Come here so that I may

share you with





so that


may be empty




He is a drop in the ocean.
A drop.

In an ocean.

She swims and he is fixed onto

her hair.

He slips onto her lips

and into her mouth.

Swallowed into her belly,

into her blood stream.

Round and round her veins,


Eons later:

Into her skin he ventures.

He is a drop of sweat

trickled onto a petal.
A drop.
On a flower.

picks the flower

and sniffs it.
Slips into her lips…
drop of water