If I die today…

If I die today, tell them of my virtues.

Tell them I walked blind men to their homes.
Tell them I threw my litter in the bin.
Tell them I shared my morsels with the rich and poor alike.
Tell them I left every toilet I used cleaner than I found it.
Tell them of the charity I gave.
Tell them of how I smiled a lot, of how I loved a lot, of how I shared a lot.

If I die today tell them of all the virtues I practiced.

Tell them of the time I dropped my last shillings into that poor woman’s bowl and walked all the way home.
Tell them I earned only that which was pure.
Tell them I volunteered a lot.
Tell them I disseminated all that I learnt.
Tell them I smiled at street children and laughed with them.
Tell them I washed the dishes after dinner.
Tell them I gave people the benefit of the doubt.
Tell them I cheered up the disillusioned.
Tell them I gave my heart away constantly.
Tell them of all the good I did.

If I die today, dont speak of my ills;
dont speak of my sins; dont speak of my vices;
don’t speak of my flaws.

If I die today, tell them only of the good in me you know.