Intoxicants ni haraam.

Intoxicants are detrimental to your health. They are haraam.IMG_2604


Angels, Jinns and Species.

My understanding is that there is right and there is wrong, both from God;
you have free will to do either.
Amongst creation, Angels don’t have free will but Species & Jinns do.
This means Angels will do only what they have been commanded by God to do,
whilst Species and Jinns will do what their instinct commands them.
Angels can catalyse both bad fortune and good fortune, depending on what God has commanded them to do.
Species and Jinns can also catalyse bad fortune and good fortune, but this would be done by exercising their free will as God has given Species and Jinns the ability to chose whether they would like to do right or wrong.
This is the reason why it is important to strive to do the right actions and not the wrong ones. And that is why doing good actions will keep you further away from bad actions. So rejoice in the fact that God has destined you to have free will so that you can shape your destiny in the way you chose.
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