To my dear son,

I hope you grow strong in body and mind;

shielded from all vice and sin.

There’re many who love you, your mother most;

your uncles, aunts, folk and kin.

I’m sorry for the days I’ll spend away,

but I’ll be there for you dear, so long

as my legs can take me wherever you are

So long as this heart beats on and on…

Maybe, one day you’ll understand

why things turn out the way they do.

When I’m not there, your mama is;

her love and smiles will see you through.

So be not sad, lift your head up high.

Your lineage, both ways is firm and grand!

Your ancestors with you will always be;

wherever it is you fly or land.

Take heed O’ beautiful, handsome one

from those with wisdom and etiquette.

Follow good people and guaranteed,

Peace, love and gifts you’ll get.

I’d say much more but there’re many eyes;

one day when you’re older I’ll tell you all.

If you ever need me, I’m there for you –

to catch you always – if you should fall.


Writer’s block

I need to write something but I don’t know what.

Should I talk about something that warms the heart?
Perhaps something that clears cobwebs from ears?
Or something that fills the eyes with tears?
Maybe something that brings out laughter?
Something that makes you glad you’re alive?
Or something that makes you wish you were dead?

I need to write something but I don’t know what.

I could talk about my childhood,
my teenhood,
my first kiss,
or the last time I cried.

What about a revolution? Well, minus the blood.
I could write about violence, death and destruction!
Y’all love horror stories don’t you?
Or I could write about rolling hills and blue skies,
fresh rivers and white sandy beaches…

I could write about anything really,
but for now,
I’ll just write about me writing about what I could write about.