Allah Is Sublime. He Is The Creator of all creation. He Is Alone in His Grandness and Does Not need His creation yet His creation needs Him. He Has No beginning and No end. He was Not born Nor did He beget. He Always Was, Always Is, and Always Will Be. He has no gender; He is Neither male Nor female Nor anything in between. He has no race; He is Neither black Nor white Nor anything inbetween. Allah Is He Who Knows all that is within and outside the universe. He Listens when we engage with Him and He Listens when we don’t. Allah Is The Most Just; there is no justice better than His Justice. Allah Is The Most Merciful; there is no mercy more comforting than His Mercy. Allah Is Great beyond our understanding of greatness. No creation can contemplate His Existence or Being in Its Entirety. Allah Is The One Who Bestows success on all of His creation; He Is The Supplier of success and He Is The Only One Who Knows the levels of righteousness of all His creation.


Gimme some tobacco. 
I wanna smoke.
They say it ain’t good for me 
but my neurons love it to death.
They say it’s bad for my health. 
That it depletes my wealth. 
I smoke tobacco; 
the same tobacco that comes from beautiful leaves. 
Dry me some leaves 
and let me taste the makroohness of Mother Nature.
I’ll smoke. 
I’ll smoke till I quit. 
Bless em.
Bless the organs that let me do this.
Bless em.
God bless my lungs.


May I give you a tour of my mind…
Step in.
This is where I relaxe.
This is where I eat.
This is where I cleanse myself.
This is where I get pleasure.
This is where I hype myself.
This is where I create.
This is where I rest.
This is where I seek help.
This is where I seek knowledge.
And this here, is where I never venture.
Welcome dear guest.


Like a dove soaring through the sky,
trusting the competence of its wings,
so should we trust each other.
For how anxious and disturbed we would be
if we did not trust our lungs
to filter the air that we breathe! 
We lay at night trusting the mattress we sleep on,
or else no slumber would we see.
How noble a deed it is
to trust that good fate is ahead of you!
If we should live all days
dreading the worst,
we would live eternally in dread,
wouldn’t we? 
No. One would rather live
with a heart calm,
expecting the best,
not fearful of the rest.
And if
the worst were to happen,
what a tragedy that would be!
But until the tragedy unfolds…
if it does unfold –
why anticipate a thing so vile?
Why burden your soul
with apprehension
of the worst?
Do you not want a calm
and happy heart?
Trust, dear lover.
Trust your future.
Trust that it will give you wings,
for a person becomes what they think!
So think the best
so you may speak the best!
They say “speak what you seek until you see what you’ve said”.
Speak it…
into existence!
But do not speak of your fears,
lest you bring them to life!
Trust, dear lover;
and you will gain the freedom to soar…
to soar with a heart;
a heart so serene!


I love the darkness.
When the sky is black and the streets are quiet.
Pin-drop silence.
Prayer rug in a dark room.
The beauty before the light.
Dark like precious oil.
Darkness the beginning.
Darkness the origin.
I want to swim in the darkness and flirt with jellyfish.
I want to venture where no one will so I may find that which has never been seen –
and see it;
in the darkness.
Oh Lord I love the darkness you created.
If it wasn’t for the darkness would I have appreciated the superiority of it?
The darkness of Hira.
The darkness of the Kaaba.
The darkness of my Africa.
The darkness that rules the world.
Dip me in the darkness.
Find me in the darkness;
bold, deep, nourishing darkness –
I need you –
so I switch off the lights;
and I can finally see…
in the darkness.

Improve yourself

Improve yourself everyday. 
What that means is do something – however small that thing is – that will make your today better than your yesterday. For example, I didn’t cut my nails yesterday so I’ll cut them today, I didn’t wash my bed sheets yesterday so I’ll wash them today. I didn’t eat a balanced meal yesterday so I’ll eat a balanced meal today.
So everyday when you wake up think about what good thing you could do today that you didn’t do yesterday. 
These “small” improvements you do on a daily basis will add up in the long term and will make a HUGE difference to your overall being.
So don’t sit around and wait for a big miracle… enact your own small miracles everyday and sooner or later you’re gonna witness a big miracle.
Improve yourself everyday.

The Warehouse

Invite people to your warehouse and tell them there’s cake with special ingredients. Hide the cakes in the vault room and destroy the vault keys and leave lots of bread in the accessible part of the warehouse.
Open the doors.
They will come in in swarms. Once the bread has all been snatched… they will enquire about the cakes (coz they’re greedy). Tell them the cakes are in the vault but you have destroyed the keys.
Grab your popcorn and see who does what.
the abandoned warehouse.jpg