Success is neither found in wealth nor poverty; praise nor castigation. We stagger through life searching for success outwardly, yet the only way to embrace success is by first seeking it and finding it inwardly. How can you recognise and appreciate the universe outside of you if you have not recognised and appreciated the universe inside of you? Even if you were in the driest of deserts or the most piranha-infested river; success will neither be an oasis nor a safe river bank. Success is pain where there is only pleasure and pleasure where there is only pain. Success is being in rhythm with your being; for only by being in touch with your inner self can you feel the splendidness of that which is around you. Reach into yourself. You are not merely a collection of flesh and bones; you are the personification of the universe, and until you realise that… you will be blind to the identicalness of your inner world and the outer world. Seek and find your inner universe and you will discover the magnificence and beauty of the outer universe. And finding the inner and outer universe is not a goal. No. It never was. It is a journey with a phantom destination.
inside outside
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