Purity lies inside you.
Let it flow
into every crevice
of your body.
Drink from the pure
so that pure dwells in you,
comes from you
and comes to you.
Release all that don’t
and bathe in your purity.
Like a gourd of water
filled at the top
of a mountain
with fresh, pure
mountain dew.
Purity makes you pure.
Purity is for the pure.
Pureness for
the pure-hearted.
Pure like the ocean –
always pure.
Even if they were to pour
all the world’s impurity
into it,
it shall always be pure.
Pure like love
from the source.
Pure like a new-born baby.
Pure like a faithful bhikkhuni.
Pure like fresh air.
So pure
you wanna bathe in it
and soak it all up.
Pure is the prototype.
safi sana.
pure cassava
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