From the Magnus Labs

This no normal metal, no.
This gold with a plus.
This silver on mo’ glam.
This here high carat
yet bang like steel.
This from the underground
on the crown.
This only for replicators.
This in memory of
the departed.
This blessed by
the source.
This good for you.
This’ll make you jealous
if you don’t have it.
This you have too,
show you where it is.
This loved, hated all the same.
This too dope not to mention.
This on your mind and lips all the time.
This make your heart beat, innit?
So good make you sad, innit?
This platinum.
This in your classroom.
Shine so much it blinds you, no?
This not around for long
get snatched no time, ‘kay?
This hold tight, ‘kay?
No let go, ‘kay?
This no cheap, nay.
This you pay with your life I say.
This kill tumour.
This noble.
Nah plastic.
This what it is.
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