Allah Is Sublime. He Is The Creator of all creation. He Is Alone in His Grandness and Does Not need His creation yet His creation needs Him. He Has No beginning and No end. He was Not born Nor did He beget. He Always Was, Always Is, and Always Will Be. He has no gender; He is Neither male Nor female Nor anything in between. He has no race; He is Neither black Nor white Nor anything inbetween. Allah Is He Who Knows all that is within and outside the universe. He Listens when we engage with Him and He Listens when we don’t. Allah Is The Most Just; there is no justice better than His Justice. Allah Is The Most Merciful; there is no mercy more comforting than His Mercy. Allah Is Great beyond our understanding of greatness. No creation can contemplate His Existence or Being in Its Entirety. Allah Is The One Who Bestows success on all of His creation; He Is The Supplier of success and He Is The Only One Who Knows the levels of righteousness of all His creation.
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