I love the darkness.
When the sky is black and the streets are quiet.
Pin-drop silence.
Prayer rug in a dark room.
The beauty before the light.
Dark like precious oil.
Darkness the beginning.
Darkness the origin.
I want to swim in the darkness and flirt with jellyfish.
I want to venture where no one will so I may find that which has never been seen –
and see it;
in the darkness.
Oh Lord I love the darkness you created.
If it wasn’t for the darkness would I have appreciated the superiority of it?
The darkness of Hira.
The darkness of the Kaaba.
The darkness of my Africa.
The darkness that rules the world.
Dip me in the darkness.
Find me in the darkness;
bold, deep, nourishing darkness –
I need you –
so I switch off the lights;
and I can finally see…
in the darkness.
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