Friday 8th August 2014

They call it “insomnia”;

the lack of ability to sleep.

It is 20 minutes to 2am.

I slept around midnight.

Was then woken up by a big bang (inside my head).

As I walked along the corridor, silently, I could hear the (little) noise made by my sandals vibrate with a volume 20 times its magnitude.

So I decided, “you know what? I’m gonna bloody write about this. That’ll learn it”.

Yet it is the dead of night.

London does not get quite quieter than this.

The noise of vehicles and people has quit.

I open one of the curtains that Abdi closed in his paranoia, and look at the ‘cat eyes’ of the street lights that I joke to others about.

I dont think I have enjoyed an insomnia quite as much as I am enjoying this one.

There’s something about the quietness of a night that I like so much.

Some say it’s the best time to make a prayer to God; some say it is an “ungodly hour”.

Whatever the case, 1:45 am is an amazing time to be awake.

I tried to calculate how long it took me to write this, but I thought, “hey, why dont we leave that to some nosey reader”.

Dear Reader,

I hope. I really hope. I really hope you enjoy your next insomnia.








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