The uppercut

You ever had one of those days when you just feel tired?

Your back aches, your head don’t feel so good.

You’re drowsy, and your body’s forcing you to go to bed.

You ignore the bright sunshine and chose the bed instead.

I think they call it


It’s the bottom of the dip after the peak.

But like any other natural graph, your mood shall rise again and take you to a peak, once again;

ascending, climaxing, descending, anticlimaxing – repeat that over and over.

You know what they say: “Joy wouldn’t be sweet if it wasn’t for pain”.

That’s why we embrace the dip, because it makes us up – as much as the rise does.

Both are elements of our personalities – as much as we detest one and cherish the other.

So when it comes to responding to depression, this is what I say:

“C’mon drear, give me your best shot;

cause right after that, I’ll give you mine!”


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