Be Kind

Be kind to one another.


Be gentle in your speech.


Inculcate love in your heart.


Don’t stop extending olive branches.


Whatever you do, don’t ever stop loving.


Whenever you do something, make sure your action has a foundation of good intention.


In your speech, encourage others to do good, because believe it or not, you will benefit more from your speech than the listener ever will.


Keep reminding yourself to be a better person. Life experiences should make you more thankful and less frustrated. Control how you feel.


Don’t let despair and negative feelings rule your heart and mind. Actively instill good vibes in your heart and mind. Make the effort.


Positive thoughts beget more positive thoughts. Create a positive domino effect in your mind.


Concentrate more on our similarities and less on our differences.


Be friendly.


Make amends with those you have wronged. Ask for their forgiveness.


Don’t hold grudges. Count all the favours you have received in life and ignore unfavourable moments. Be an optimist.


Look for the best in others, so that you are constantly inspired by the good that others do.


Whatever happens, strive to be a better person today than you were yesterday.


Kindness is reciprocated. Be kind to others, because that attracts kindness from others.


Borrow a leaf from the characteristics of a baby. A baby has no intention of harming others. Be a safe haven for your fellow human beings.

be kind

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