Who am I ?

I am not the devil


yet I am all that is evil.


I live, I lived.


I am the omnipotent omen.




I am the Gaza massacre,


I am the holocaust.


I am the oh-so-fast


and furious missile;


The murderous inanimate weapon of man.


I am evil yet I am not shaitan.




I am that vile intuition,


I am that bad decision.


I am your philosophy,


I am of your making.




I am the rich,


I am the poor…


The one to blame when unsure.


I am a thought inside your head,


I am that horrible beast you fed…




And don’t search for me


for I am but a phantom.


I do not exist…


yet I will divide your kind


and bury your lot alive.


And at your mass burial


I will be the undertaker,


the soil


and the shovel.




O gullible soul:


I am eeeevil.


I live, I lived


but I am not the devil.




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