The Yin and the Yang

Every night when I drop into bed


I think about the practicality


and the possibility


of uniting the binaries;


so that I can –


one day –


sleep with peace of mind.




Can we really?…




The rich and the poor,


The oppressor and oppressed,


The coloured and not,


The left and the right?




It’s not that easy to




The Jew and the Muslim,


The wild and the prudent,


the Tamils and their neighbours,


The old skool and the new.




Can one convince


The defensive to drop their shields




The attackers their spears?


Can the Bible thumper and the Hafiz


sit down to a cup-a-tea?


Can Shankill Road be a haven


for those of Falls?


Cant the KKK and the Panthers


make amends?






The blondes and the brunettes,


The Boers and the Xhosa,


The Brahmin and the tramps,


The master and the servant.




I went to sleep today


and tried to reconcile the binaries:


My head and my pillow,


My love and my hate,


My heart and my mind,


My hope and my state.




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