On haunches

Sometimes – well, most times


we tend to be overly paranoid and concerned with what others think of us


to such an extent, we end up losing our sanity.








We live in a world swarmed with an unusually large number of paranoid hypochondriacs.








Its like we want to look good more than we want to be good.
















What more is there to do other than feel pity for ourselves?








But worse still are those instances when we


behave like the baboon from one particular Swahili proverb.


This baboon was always amused by


and critical of


the in-your-face and dont-you-dare-ignore-me buttocks 


of other baboons;




obliviously blind to its own much more comical


gluteus maximus.








Do you know of the proverb I’m talking about?


How does it go again?…


Is it “Nyani hana mkundu?” 


No, thats not it…


Or is it “Nyani haoni mikundu?”…


Oops… I got it wrong again…


Uhmm… yeah!


Now I remember…




“Nyani haoni kundule!” *




 * – A baboon cannot see it’s buttocks.Image

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