Now is Forever

Live life in the present time.




You’ve already lived your past


and the future is a throw of dice.





Make hay in happiness


Sweat it out for sweat is sweet.


Let the sweet sun shine on you.





Enjoy the toning of your muscles.


Enjoy the slicing,


the drying


and the stacking.





Are you with me still?





I said live life in the present tense!





You soiled your diapers… nappies…


so what?


Everyone’s been down that road.


And remember your future is just as beautiful


as it is a mystery.






You might be a liver one day,


living away a present life…


You might be in business one day,


busying away a present life…


But at this moment


your present life is happening









So dont worry about now…


Love now and live now.






Enjoy the slicing,


the drying


and the stacking.






If you dont live your life right




It will be another


soiled diaper –




soiled nappy.






Live now.






The future will come


and you can cross that bridge


when you get onto that bridge.






At present all you need to do is


walk to that bridge







It’s all about








Everytime you check your watch,


the time is




Keep that fact in your head


Whatever you do.






Whatever you do,


Always remember that




is forever…Image

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