I search for wisdom all over;

From pitch dark nights to brightened days.

I search it in words written and those spoken.

I search it in utterances of sheikhs and junkies alike –

from old women to toddling girls,

from college professors and the illiterate too,

from natural phenomenons and those man-made.

I search for it all over…

From the internet and the daily paper,

from paintings, drawings and sculptures…

from casinos, The World Bank and the IMF.

I search for it when I’m awake and whilst deep in sleep;

With open eyes and eyes closed too.

I search it in African nomads and Euro gypsies

and in call girls and pimps in red-light districts.

I search for wisdom everywhere.

In blocked sewers and fresh water springs,

in green jungles and barren lands,

in Kung Fu movies and Hollywood.

I search it at every opportunity.

I search

and search

and search…

I search for wisdom lest it doesn’t search for me…

If its a phantom I’m chasing, let the games begin!

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